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A grandfather, three grandchildren and an Enchanted Chest...


Are traditions still important in modern times?


Can we put aside the heritage of generations and live happily just anchored in modernism and detached from Nature?


How far can we ignore the Laws of Nature and the Earth and with what consequences?


I invite you to read "The Enchanted Chest" with all your heart and travel with Ilinca, Bogdan and Maria on the wings of the story. 


You will see how real events from hundreds of years ago are subtly and easily interwoven with experiences from present times.


I invite you to connect with the story's storyline and let both the Inner Child and the Adult in you enjoy the a-ha's. 


And remember: For the holidays or any other occasion, make a special day in the life of someone dear to you with this story, and others in the ”Inspirational Stories for Adults” Collection.

P.S. After reading the story ask yourself: If you were to go into Nature now, would you look at its treasures with new eyes?

The Enchanted Chest

Cod SKU: VIA978-606-9741-02-3
  • CODE VIA978-606-9741-02-3
    Year   2021
    Author Mihaela Raza


    Stories for Adulți



    Life in Harmony
    Format  PDF without DRM
    Pages 30
    ISBN 978-606-9741-02-3
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