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Can LOVE be for sale? Certainly not.


Then why might this question arise in a child's mind?


"Mom, can I buy LOVE?" captures a modern-day scenario where we often weigh career more heavily - at the expense of personal relationships or family - believing that balance comes naturally, without much commitment.


Discover in this story how a special gift, created with LOVE by Cristina for her mother, can bring balance back to their family

in a very natural and beautiful way.


Maybe you'll find yourself in one of the characters... or you'll identify someone close to you in them...


I invite you to enjoy this story because, we grown-ups love stories probably as much as children do.


Especially those written especially for adults. 😊


And remember: For the holidays or any other occasion, make a special day in the life of someone dear to you with this story, and others in the ”Inspirational Stories for Adults” Collection.


P.S. Read a few pages from the story above, then push the Buy now button.



Mom, can I buy LOVE?

Cod SKU: VIA978-606-95143-5-1
  • CODE VIA978-606-95143-5-1
    Year   2021
    Author Mihaela Raza


    Stories for Adults



    Life in Harmony
    Format  PDF without DRM
    Pages 26
    ISBN 978-606-95143-5-1
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