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What connection can there be between a pear orchard in southern China and an apple orchard in Romania, especially decades apart?


Globalisation has made its mark almost everywhere in the world, for better or worse.


But it has not succeeded in changing the Laws of Nature, because they are higher than the human mind and the things it can invent.

What similar human behaviour - albeit in different corners of the world - can lead to identical consequences?


In ”Orchard with Smiles” you will find a very important life lesson for us humans. The story is based on real-life events in southern China in the 1960s and 1970s, but which are now found in many countries around the world.


Our eyes are opened to the simple rules of natural balance,
which we simply cannot break without putting the lives of animals and people at risk.


But because "all's well that ends well", I invite you to discover the adventures of dedicated and courageous people, and the results of their patience and perseverance.


And remember: For the holidays or any other occasion, make a special day in the life of someone dear to you with this story, and others in the ”Inspirational Stories for Adults” Collection.

P.S. What does the English lawn have to do with this story? If you answer this question correctly you will receive a new story as a gift to read.    

Orchard with Smiles

Cod SKU: VIA978-606-95143-7-5
  • CODE VIA978-606-95143-7-5
    Year   2021
    Author Mihaela Raza


    Stories for Adults



    Life in Harmony
    Format  PDF without DRM
    Pages 26
    ISBN 978-606-95143-7-5
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